Mike Fullarton

The paintings in the map series are an exploration into the various transport/metro routes of modern cities around the world, and the patterns which can emerge from their fragmentation and abstraction. The primary focus is on the use of colour and form, organic and geometric, shimmering paths of delicate intricacy and intensity, capturing the mood, characteristics, transition and identity of each location, providing the viewer with a mesmerising visual experience.

Imię i nazwisko: Mike Fullarton

Rok urodzenia: 1978

Wykształcenie: BA (Hons) Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, Dundee, Scotland

Wybrane wystawy:
• 2019 – “Platform for Emerging Arts # 23”, Leyden Gallery, Londyn
• 2019 – “M.A.P”, wystawa indywidualna, Fresz Gallery, Kraków
• Grudzień 2018 – Pixel Geometry, Piękny Pies, Kraków
• 2018 – Krakow Arts Salon
• Kwiecień – Sierpień 2018 – wystawa indywidualna, InterHouse Hotel, ul. Bratysławska 2, Kraków
• Marzec – Kwiecień 2018 – ‘Pixel Landscapes’, Biblioteka Kraków Nr 25
• 2000-2003 r. – Gallery of Contemporary Art, Wimbledon, London
• 2000r. – Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
• 2000 r. – Gallery of Contemporary Art, Forfar, Scotland
• 1999-2000 r. – ‘Four-Play’ Dundee University