We invite you to work with us!


If you are a professional artist with a fresh viewpoint and an individual style and you just cannot live without creating art we are happy to invite you to join our team of artists. All you have to do is send your portfolio (good quality photos/ reproductions of your work with a short description: technique, size, your web page address or blog address) with a couple of sentences about yourself and the art you’re creating to If you are able to interest us with your work we will contact you. We do not limit ourselves to a specific technique of style. We value diversity. But because of the limitations connected with shipping we cannot sell installations, big sculptures and other fragile works.

Designers/ Interior Designers

If you deal with interior design and you are looking for some interesting, unique art (in reasonable prices!) for your projects – contact us! We will be glad to meet and talk about the conditions we can offer you.


If you are a company owner and you want to give your place a new, unusual look by decorating it with original pieces of art to make it feel more prestigious and classy – write to us! We can advise you on choosing or properly framing art pieces and create a unique workspace, business meeting space or conference room!