FRESZ Gallery is a young, dynamically developing contemporary art gallery. Here you will find all the fresh works mainly of Polish artists. We focus on uniqueness, novelty and individualism. We find “young”, promising artists, we promote their art and we support them in their creative development presenting their work on exhibitions and art fairs. We think that the young art has a lot to offer: it’s freshness, openness to what is new, dynamism, being free from restraint and conventions and above all it’s future potential!
Our main aim is to make high quality art available to the wide audience using multiple modern ways of communication: starting with Internet art gallery, through blog, social media, to a direct, personal contact.
Our work combines our two biggest passions – art and business. Therefore if you are an amateur of high level art, experienced collector or maybe you have just started your adventure with art investments here you can find the highest quality offer in reasonable prices. For each work purchased we issue a certificate of authenticity. We will advise you on your choices, we will tell you all about our gallery and the artists collaborating with us. Have a question? Contact us! We will be happy to meet you and share our knowledge and experience.


Exchange your money to young Polish art!
We search for young, promising artists
We promote Polish authors
We support artists in their creative development
We provide the highest quality art
We offer competitive prices
We advise on buying and creating your personal collection