Siekierowski Bridge


Siekierowski Bridge


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author: Edward Dwurnik

title: „Siekierowski Bridge” („Most Siekierowski”)

technique:  fine art print (‚inkografia’) in passe-partout signed by the artist

dimensions in passe-partout: 65.5 x 79.5 cm

year: 2007

catalogue no: 2017/0129

Inkografia’ printed with the agreement of and direct oversight of the artist, signed on bottom right corner. Bottom left corner marked with edition number and work’s dimensions. Thanks to the guarantee of uniqueness of the series, those fine art prints become good investments over time.

If you’re interested in other prints of the artist, but you haven’t found them in our offer – contact us.

Together with the purchased ‚inkografia’ you will receive a certificate of authenticity bearing a holograph and a handwritten singing of the series. The artist imposes very strict rules of supervision of the quality and size of the series. Thanks to that you can rest assured that the purchased works will be unique. Desa Modern keeps a lifetime record of all works in their offer and already on the market through our gallery.

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Wymiary 65.5 x 79.5 cm